Episode #24: Preparing for a Post-Pandemic Screening Surge (and thoughts on long-term career happiness)

Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health issued a moratorium on elective procedures, including colorectal cancer (CRC) screening.

Dr. Fred Rosenberg talks with Dr. George Dickstein of Greater Boston Gastroenterology about how his practice pivoted to telehealth and remote working and put in place safety measures to protect patients, physicians and staff.

It is estimated that CRC screenings dropped by 86 percent during the pandemic. As things return to normal, and with new recommendations by the by the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force that CRC screening should begin at age 45, Dr. Dickstein shares how his practice is preparing for a potential post-pandemic surge.

Join Dr. Rosenberg and Dr. Dickstein as they discuss how early career physicians can prepare themselves for the changes in GI care over the past year and what may come in the future.

Produced by Andrew Sousa and Hayden Margolis for Steadfast Collaborative, LLC

Original score by Hayden Margolis

Gastro Broadcast, Episode 24