Naresh Gunaratnam, MD
Dr. Gunaratnam is a practicing gastroenterologist and research director at Huron Gastroenterology in Ypsilanti, Michigan. He serves as chief medical officer of Lean Medical Technologies; and is a speaker for Medtronic about esophageal cancer. The podcast he frequents include Freakonomics, Hidden Brain, Feel Better, Live More and others.
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Kevin Harlen
Mr. Harlen is president of GastroGPO, a Specialty Networks company. He recently served as president of PE Practice Solutions, chief operating officer of Capital Digestive Care and was vice president of professional services at Medstar Washington Hospital.
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Lisa Mathew, MD
Dr. Mathew is a practicing gastroenterologist at South Denver Gastroenterology in Lone Tree, Colorado. Her clinical interests are in the management of IBD and clinical nutrition. The podcasts she enjoys include RadioLab, The Daily, The Red Journal, Hope Through History, GI Pearls, The Happiness Lab and others.
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Fred Rosenberg, MD
Dr. Rosenberg has been providing GI care in the Chicago area since 1978. Dr. Rosenberg served as president of the Illinois Gastroenterology Group from 2010-2017 and is medical director of the North Shore Endoscopy Center. He is a big fan of Hope Through History.
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Michael Weinstein, MD
Dr. Weinstein is a founding member and president & CEO of Capital Digestive Care. Dr. Weinstein has a passion for treating young adults with IBD, and helping them manage and cope with its effects. He listens to Becker’s Healthcare Podcast, PBS New Hour: Shields and Brooks, Health on The Hill and others.
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