Episode #25: Motility and Healthy Weight Programs with @GutsyGirlMD (with some empowerment thrown in for good measure)

Dr. Lisa Mathew talks with Dr. Supriya Rao of Integrated Gastroenterology Consultants of Chelmsford, Mass. about several programs she helped start within the independent practice outside of Boston.

Dr. Rao takes a multifaceted approach to helping her patient improve their overall health by focusing on weight management, stress, sleep and nutrition.

Dr. Rao is also a tireless advocate for health equity and increased representation of women in medicine. As @GutsyGirlMD on Instagram and Twitter, she talks all things GI and provides encouragement to early-career GI physicians, along with some lifestyle and family stuff as well.

Join Dr. Mathew and Dr. Rao as they discuss all this and more, including Dr. Rao’s recent brush with Instagram fame at her dermatologist’s office.

Produced by Andrew Sousa and Hayden Margolis for Steadfast Collaborative, LLC

Original score by Hayden Margolis

Gastro Broadcast, Episode 25

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