Episode #35: Long-Haul Truckers May be at Greater Risk for CRC (education is the key to increasing screening rates)

Dr. Michael Weinstein talks with Ellen Brooks of the Men’s Health Inequities (MHI) Research Lab at the University of Utah School of Medicine, who is a co-author of a new study on the prevalence of colorectal cancer (CRC) among long-haul truck drivers.

Among a sample of more than 47,000 long-haul truck drivers between the ages of 21 and 85, obesity, increasing age, and other medical conditions were associated with increased CRC prevalence. For example, the study results suggest that compared with truck drivers of normal weight, obese, and morbidly obese drivers have 3.5 to 4.3 times greater odds of being diagnosed with CRC.

Join Dr. Weinstein and Ms. Brooks for their discussion on how this research can help improve understanding of long-haul truck drivers and increase screening through educating truck drivers and health care providers who perform occupationally required health exams about the increased risks for CRC.

Produced by Andrew Sousa and Hayden Margolis for Steadfast Collaborative, LLC

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Gastro Broadcast, Episode 35