Episode #31: Should Adenoma Detection Rates be Made Public? (other quality measures are important to patients too)

Dr. Michael Weinstein of Capital Digestive Care talks to Dr. Costas Kefalas from Akron Digestive Disease Consultants about his work as the president of the GI Quality Improvement Consortium (GIQuIc), a benchmarking registry that tracks quality measures such as cecal intubation rates, withdrawal times and adenoma detection rates.

Hear about the path Dr. Kefalas took to independent GI, his role in co-founding the Ohio Gastroenterology Society, and how drumming in an acoustic Greek band called Aegean Odyssey is his way to release stress.

Join Dr. Weinstein and Dr. Kefalas as they discuss the importance of advocacy and coming together as independent GI practices to promote important issues to policymakers at the state and federal level.

Produced by Andrew Sousa and Hayden Margolis for Steadfast Collaborative, LLC

Original score by Hayden Margolis

Gastro Broadcast, Episode 31

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