Episode #18: How the Hunt for Red October Inspired Better IBD Monitoring (and helped torpedo the total cost of care)

This is one of those episodes you’ve been waiting for.

Dr. Michael Weinstein interviews Dr. Larry Kosinski of SonarMD about his path in gastroenterology, and what sparked his interest in becoming an entrepreneur.

From developing ambulatory surgery centers and infusion centers, to creating a system that improves the ability to monitor patients with IBD, Dr. Kosinski has done quite a bit in his career as a gastroenterologist.

And judging from his interest in the potential to use sensors that measure organic compounds in the air to track adherence to special diets – it looks like he’s far from done.

Join Dr. Weinstein and Dr. Kosinski to learn how picking the best wine may not be that different from picking the best GI group – especially if you’re interested in treating patients and creating innovative ways to improve patient care.

When you’re done listening, don’t miss Dr. Kosinski on The Scope with Dr. K, Weekdays at 4:00 pm ET on the HealthcareNOW Radio Podcast Network.

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Gastro Broadcast, Episode 18

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