Episode #47: Let’s Talk About the Financial Burden of a Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis (and how it affects outcomes for patients)

Dr. Lisa Mathew interviews Dr. Veena Shankaran, co-director of Hutchinson Institute for Cancer Outcomes Research, about a new study that found most patients with metastatic colorectal cancer face financial hardship after diagnosis.

While has been a lot of research on the economic burden of cancer treatment, this is the first study that looks at newly diagnosed patients. The study found that more than 70 percent of patients with metastic colorectal cancer faced financial hardships within a year of diagnosis, even with most having health insurance.

Join Dr. Mathew and Dr. Shankaran to hear how financial complications affect treatment and outcomes for many patients, and what can be to address the cost burden and provide resources for people who are diagnosed with colorectal cancer.

Produced by Andrew Sousa and Hayden Margolis for Steadfast Collaborative, LLC

Original score by Hayden Margolis

Gastro Broadcast, Episode 47