Episode #38: How to Accelerate Value-Based Care (it starts with bringing together health care industry leaders)

Dr. Michael Weinstein interviews Dr. Lindee Goh, who leads the healthcare practice with Tapestry Networks, an organization that brings together health care industry leaders to learn from one another, explore new ideas, and collaborate to solve problems working across the public and private sectors.

Dr. Goh co-directs the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Shared Value Initiative, a collaboration with providers, payers, industry leaders, patient advocacy organizations, and others to explore how consensus-based value frameworks and enhanced learning platforms can accelerate value-based care and new alternative payment models.

Join Dr. Weinstein and Dr. Goh as they explore how different industry sectors are coming together to find innovative ways to solve challenges within the U.S. health care system.

Produced by Andrew Sousa and Hayden Margolis for Steadfast Collaborative, LLC

Original score by Hayden Margolis

Gastro Broadcast, Episode 38

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